Selecting a dentist

Having a dentist whom you visit regularly and feel comfortable with is important to your overall oral health. Everyone’s communication skills differ. The dentist you select should be someone you can talk to, who will listen to your questions and concerns and who will answer your questions fully.

You and Your Dentist

Dentists who have chosen to participate with the Delta Dental network are independent contractors. The relationship between you and the participating dentist you select is strictly between you and the dentist.

Delta Dental cannot and does not make any representations as to the competency of any individual dentists, quality of treatment, or outcomes, nor does Delta Dental recommend that a particular dentist be consulted for professional care.

Your dentist’s job is to coordinate the dental services you receive, from preventive dental care such as exams and cleanings, to dental treatment such as repairing a broken tooth or removing decay from a tooth and restoring the tooth with a filling.

An ongoing relationship with your dentist increases your chances of receiving the best care possible, taking into consideration all aspects of your health, life and environment.

Scheduling an appointment

To identify a participating dentist in your local area, please visit Find a Dentist.

When you call your dental office, have your Delta Dental ID card ready. Identify yourself as a Delta Dental subscriber, and be ready to provide the group number, subscriber name and identification number on the card.

Also, you are responsible to know what services are covered given the specific Delta Dental plan design that your employer has selected.

After-hours care

Call your dental office, even if it is after regular office hours. Your dental office will have an emergency number for assistance if an emergency occurs after hours. For routine and non-emergency care, it is best to call during regular business hours.

Getting advice on dental care

Your dentist and other dental professionals are available to answer questions about care of your teeth and mouth. Call your dental office when you have a question. Your dental office staff may be able to provide the information over the phone.

Making the Most of Your Dental Visit

Show your Delta Dental identification (ID) card at the time of each dental visit. To ensure that you receive full plan benefits, verify that your dentist participates in the Delta Dental network as indicated on your ID card.

Discuss treatment options and costs with your dentist to help you select the best course of treatment. Ask in advance if all recommended services are necessary and if there are alternatives available. Check your explanation of benefits statement to make sure you received the services on this statement. Although rare, mistakes in billing do occur.

Finally, make sure you understand your particular benefit plan and are familiar with the specific benefits that it covers. Please note that not all of the Delta Dental plans are the same. Your plan’s specific coverage has been determined by your employer – not Delta Dental of Nebraska.

Remember to verify your dentist’s participation status at the time you make an appointment. Receiving care from a non-network dentist will result in reimbursement for services being paid directly to you. You will need to pay your dentist directly. Please note that the allowances for services may be significantly less than what Delta Dental would pay a Delta Dental participating dentist.