Delta Dental of Nebraska

Delta Dental Networks

Delta Dental is proud to offer the value of the nation's largest network of dentists to our members. Delta Dental subscribers and members have a variety of plan designs uniquely tailored to meet their needs. Many of Delta Dental's plans utilize different provider networks. Because we offer a number of networks and programs, we thought it might be helpful to explain them.

You can find detailed information regarding a member’s plan and network on the Dental Office Toolkit.

Delta Dental Premier®

Delta Dental Premier® is one of the largest dental network in the country, offering four-out-of-five dentists nationally so our members can receive best-in-class care wherever they seek care. To be an in-network provider with Delta Dental, dentists are credentialed and contracted in this network, agreeing to accept the fee maximums and allowed amounts tied to this network. Dentists participating in this network cannot balance bill the member if charging more and payment is directed to the dentist.

Delta Dental PPO™

In addition to the Delta Dental Premier® network, Delta Dental PPO ™ network supports plans that can offer enhanced benefits to Delta Dental members. Delta Dental PPO ™ allowances are separate from the Delta Dental Premier® Network and are typically less. The cost savings generated by the PPO allowances make it most appealing to members and groups and can draw more patients to your office. Dentists participating in this network agree to accept the fee maximums and allowed amounts tied to this network and cannot balance bill to the member if charging more. Payment is directed to the dentist. Active participation in the Delta Dental Premier® network is required for participation in the Delta Dental PPO ™ network. Specialists are automatically enrolled in both Delta Dental Premier® and Delta Dental PPO ™.

Delta Dental Medicare Advantage™

A network that supports Medicare Advantage plans administered by Delta Dental plans across the nation. Dentist must comply with regulatory requirements for Medicare Advantage. Delta Dental of Minnesota currently administers Sanford Health plans.