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If you are a provider interested in electronic claims submission, Delta Dental of Nebraska would like to be your partner in making the claims submission process easier and more efficient. By utilizing electronic claims submission, we can establish a two-way exchange of information. This will help us achieve our ultimate goal of processing claims correctly and in a timely manner.

To get started with electronic claims processing, contact your software vendor or practice management vendor for more information, or call our Customer Service Center at 1-866-827-3319 and request a paper copy.

  1. Submit the correct ID number as printed on the ID card and the subscriber’s date of birth. Delta Dental uses this information to ensure the claim is processed under the correct member.
  2. If you have questions regarding errors or to request an “Electronic Claims Submission” guide, contact Delta Dental’s Customer Service Center. Review your response reports forwarded by your clearinghouse to determine if there are any errors on claims.
  3. Secondary Coordination of Benefits (COB) claims should include the primary paid amount on the electronically submitted claim. If this amount is not listed on the claim, you will receive a follow-up letter requesting this information, which will delay processing.