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Best Dental Plan

Selecting the best dental plan

Get the coverage that’s best for your needs.


By understanding how oral health needs and coverage expectations vary by age, you can make better decisions about dental benefits. Different age groups face different oral health issues and circumstances.


1. First-time buyers

You usually face fewer oral health challenges, but it’s still important to have a dental plan in case unexpected dental work is needed.
Best Dental for First Time Buyers


2. Head of household

You are more likely to have a family, or to be considering starting one soon. You will need a plan that covers you, your spouse and your children.
Evaluate Your Needs


3. Retiree

You may have retired from your job, but it’s important not to retire from your dental benefits.
Best Dental for Retirees


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Plans can differ by state and by employer, and different policies cover different procedures. Make sure you know:

  • What procedures are covered
  • What your plan will help pay for
  • What your copayment and deductible amounts are
  • Whether there are waiting periods on particular services
  • What preventive treatments are covered at no additional cost to you

The more informed you are about costs, the better you’ll be able to plan and save.

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